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Welcome to the guild website of Commando!

Guild News


tnlim69, Jul 12, 11 1:33 PM.
Our guild is currently in the expansion mode. We need more new members to grow the guild and make us stronger. The guild will also be more active with more members online.

Please help the guild to recruit more new members. We are only recruiting members who are lvl100+, but exception will be given if you are the alt character of a main who are already in the guild. However you MUST be active & p2p. 

Once a member is recruited please inform any 2nd in-command or myself to assign rank and rights to him/her. But the new members will be put on trial for at least 2 days before a rank and more rights are given.

Thank you.



tnlim69, Jun 25, 11 3:25 PM.
1. Be active and login at least once a week
2. Be nice and helpful to guild members, and be nice to non-members too!
3. No kamas or items begging
4. Be willing to contribute (min 5%) xp to the guild at ALL times

Guild House & Paddock

tnlim69, Jun 25, 11 3:08 PM.
Commando has, as of the 10th of August, 3 Guild Houses! - 2 Small & 1 Large houses at Madrestam Harbour [8,-3]!

We also have 2 Paddocks - a 7 spaces at Bonta market [-28,-59] and a 8 spaces at Cania Plains [-17,-20].
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We are actively recruiting members now! If you are active, p2p and above lvl70, please contact any of our members to join this fast-growing, amazing guild!
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